Shared Tenets of Our Psychodynamic* Practice

(excerpted and adapted from Shedler’s The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (2010))

1. A recognition that unconscious processes inform thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

2. A focus on affect and the expression of emotion is central.

3. The therapeutic relationship is itself an important focus of exploration.

4. Patterns of interpersonal relations in the present derive from earlier experiences.

* The terms “psychodynamic psychotherapy”, “psychoanalytic psychotherapy”, and “psychoanalysis” are used interchangeably throughout this website, as are the terms “psychotherapist” and “psychoanalyst” . (See Aron and Starr’s, A “Psychotherapy for the People”: Toward a Progressive Psychoanalysis (2012) for the critique of these distinctions that underlies this organizing effort.)