We are psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapists* who are members of the LGBTQIA+** community and allies. Through marching together as a strong and visible presence in

the 2019 Queer liberation March & RALLY

WE COME OUT to publicly reject psychoanalytic theories of pathology and associated egregious practices that inflict grave harm upon sexual and gender minorities.

WE COME OUT to acknowledge that we exist in a cultural context and recognize that this context and the ways in which we are situated inform our theories, practices, and psychological experiences.

WE COME OUT to affirm that BLACK LIVES MATTER and that psychoanalysis has helpful tools to expose and disrupt conscious and unconscious racism, misogyny, anti-immigrant sentiment, and other oppressive forces and that our commitment to mental health requires us to challenge these oppressions.

WE COME OUT to acknowledge that marginalization continues within our institutes, work places, theories, and practices. Unacknowledged whiteness violates, denies, and distorts the lived experiences of those outside its assumptive framework. We commit to challenging white supremacy within ourselves, our institutions, our theories, and our practices.

WE COME OUT to acknowledge a shameful and exclusionary history with which we continue to reckon.

WE COME OUT to affirm that there is abundant evidence that attests to psychoanalysis as an effective evidence based treatment.

WE COME OUT to challenge the conceptualizations of evidence that underly the ideal of “evidence based treatment”.

WE COME OUT to show we are a vibrant, engaged, and increasingly diverse community.

* The terms “psychodynamic psychotherapy”, “psychoanalytic psychotherapy”, and “psychoanalysis” are used interchangeably throughout this website, as are the terms “psychotherapist” and “psychoanalyst” . (See Aron and Starr’s, A “Psychotherapy for the People”: Toward a Progressive Psychoanalysis (2012) for the critique of these distinctions that underlies this organizing effort.)

** Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, Plus (others in the queer community who do not experience any of these terms as most descriptive of their gender and/or sexual identity, e.g., non-binary, gender nonconforming, (GNC)).